Kompostierung auf ägyptisch / Composting in Egyptian

Kareem Goshan

August / August - 2021

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim

Bachelor of Arts


In many countries, waste does not get separated. This is also the case in my home country Egypt plastic and metal are later sorted and recycled, but the organic waste is burned unused. During my research trip to Egypt, the waste separators told me that organic waste in particular is considered a burden. It reduces the quality of the recyclable materials, for instance due to moisture and dirt. The worm composter Duda provides the organic waste with a new purpose and takes it out of circulation directly as it is being generated. Used in private households and placed on the balcony or directly in the kitchen, the worms transform the organic waste into valuable compost soil. Duda offers the compost worms a suitable environment and temperature even in warmer countries. With the help of evaporative cooling, the internal temperature is cooled down by a coating of moist sand. The product uses regional resources of clay and sand and can be manufactured on site using a 3D printing.