Cyclist – Das Pandemie Leihfahrrad / Cyclist – The Pandemie Sharing Bike

Felicitas Muschalla

März / March - 2021

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Master of Arts


The "Cyclist" concept reimagines the service offered by rental bike providers and communicates the hygiene and quality of the bikes. The service structure consists of two new stations where the bikes are maintained and cleaned. This service concept results in a new type of rental bike. A smart fabric on the saddle and handles graphically displays the hygiene status. The cleaning and freshness of the bikes can thus be experienced. To maintain the longevity of the rental bikes, the service is enhanced by the use of high quality components, such as the belt drive, or the titanium frame. These make the bikes not only durable but also smooth-running. The improved features of the Cyclist bikes are designed to increase the attractiveness and thus the enthusiasm for rental bikes to increase their percentage use and create a healthy and sustainable mobility in cities.