Julian Ribler

April / April - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


CLÉO is a new type of school furniture for an alternative education scenario

What is the Topic?

I'm closely considering the constant relationship happening and developing between ourselves and the physical objects we encounter everyday. With a focus on the strong impact these interactions have upon us. With Cléo I applied this approach to an education scenario, challenging the traditional typology of school furniture with an imaginative and playful alternative.

Why does it look like this?

Cléo breaks away from the often rectangular form and strict materiality found in conventional school furniture. A less rigid form language introducing undulating shapes and haptical surfaces both gives a sense of lightness whilst prompting a stronger, more personal connection between child and furniture. This is further promoted with handles, signifying a looser and more playful organisation within a space.

What is special?

The choice of materials brings a special haptical quality to Cléo. Incorporation of linoleum within the table top suggests a defined work area alongside the wooden surface. The almost saddle-like seat allows for various seating positions.

What is new?

Cléo speculates on a new, more dynamic form of education. With a strong integration of furniture, I seek to prompt the rediscovery of an appreciation for material and form. Encouraging, on a larger scale, a better understanding of the physical environment.