A Queer and Feminist Neighbourhood Library in Wilhelmsburg

Anna Unterstab

Juni / June - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Master of Arts


Wilhelmsburg is a diverse neighborhood of Hamburg that lacked meeting places and educational venues for women and queer people, and where sexist assaults occurred during the corona years.The goal of the project was to connect neighbors long-term, to use literature as a medium for exchanging ideas, and to empower them. Books help them to reflect on their everyday lives, find refuge, learn about alternative ways of life, and educate themselves. Twelve neighbors manage and look after the Bücheria together on a voluntary basis. It consists of books (novels, children's books, poetry, etc.) about feminism and diversity in daily life. From July to December 2022, there were themes that changed monthly with weekly opening hours and an event program which included workshops and readings. The master thesis includes the concept and design of the library as well as the curation of the opening phase. According to an extended definition of design, all aspects of the project creation are part of the design.