Bottle 2 Beauty

Constantin Werner

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule Hannover


Bottle 2 Beauty is an alternative to the conventional waste glass cycle. Transparency and participation in the production, as well as the direct contact between users and producers increase the appreciation towards the material itself. Designing an intimate object also supports the formation of a personal bond towards its material.

What is the Topic?

Bottle 2 Beauty questions our use of materials and resources and criticises the consequences of the impersonal relationship we have with them, depending on the context in which they appear. It also triggers discussions about the use of recycled materials and a deeper awareness of our environment.

Why does it look like this?

The object itself is inspired by philosophical concepts of water such as purity, clarity and power and is based on drops and flowing water. It is packaged in a bottle, which can stand unobtrusively on the shelf as a beautiful object itself. When opened, however, it also functions as a courageous presentation holder for an open approach to the possession of the object. The inspiration here were messages in a bottle. The users provide the producer with the bottles available and receive a message in a bottle with special content as the result.

What is special?

The users have to become active themselves to start the creative process. They themselves determine the colour of the glass and the intensity of the firing process. The direct participation in important decisions increases their interest in the object and trigger discussions about the material and its origin. Skeptics are also addressed, as the design raises questions that are to be discussed. Questions about the origin of resources, their recycling and which taboos still make sense in a world where environmental protection is becoming increasingly important.

What is new?

The connection between the design of sex toys and recycling is yet to be made. We live in a world in which the protection of resources and our habitats is becoming increasingly important. This raises the question of to what extent we are prepared to rely on recycled materials for this purpose. In addition, Bottle 2 Beauty achieves user involvement in the creative process and establishes a personal link between them and the producer.