Sophie Katharina Stanitzek

April / April - 2019

Universität der Künste Berlin


A fiber composite material out of Algea

What is the Topic?

Aga is a Material Research work which can replace plastics.

Why does it look like this?

Due to casting process result a 40cm wide foil material. The Material width is limited through the size of the oven in which it dries. It is possible to create hard and dimensionally stable Objects by thermoform several foils one above the other.

What is special?

It is possible to dissolve the fiber composite Material trough heat and cooking water. Nevertheless it works like a usual thermoplastic plastic. Through complete natural ingredients and energy-efficient production process it is a very ecologically product. It offers new ways of production and especially the opportunity to rethink packaging and recycling.

What is new?

Different than other materials made out of algae AGA is no polymer. It is possible to to mix the material with textile fibers. Furthermore it is possible to compose AGA. Different from bioplastics AGA is a good fertilizer and dissolves completely after a short time.