Simon Mayer

März / March - 2020

Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


The goal of my Bachelors Thesis was to reimagine the topic of Biomimicry for education. I focused the broad bandwidth of Biomimicry on six mechanical solutions in the smallest scale and made them experiencable and comprehendable for the user to amaze him for the genius design of nature. Janine Benyus‘ impactful work „Biomimicry - Innovation by Nature“ was the base of this work and fueled its contents. The system i designed consists of the Biomimicry Kit, a „Wunderkammer“, letting the user ex-plore some of the genius technologies of nature by implementing Augmented Reality to break the limitations of scale. A Radiolarian which in reality measures 50 und 500 micrometer can be expored as it sat on the table in front of you and was as big as the users hand, and descriptions and infographics are also displayed in the virtual space, which is triggered by the physical Biomimicry Kits components.