Augmenting Glasses

The Influence of Modern Technology on Eyeglasses as a Historical Cultural Object

Jonathan Meuer

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

Master of Arts


Eyeglasses as a historical object, which play an important role in our culture and society, and in the personal lives of eyeglass wearers, seem to be on the brink of a transformation. It is to be expected that augmented reality could replace the touchscreen in our hands as a key technology in the near future. Because of that, eyeglasses have suddenly become a relevant field of design after decades of limited development, requiring careful handling. Additional challenges have also arisen from the constant use of digital technology and data-gathering sensors in everyday life, which are be triggered by augmented reality devices. This design work attempts to find solutions to these challenges through design and presents a visual prototype that, thanks to its design, can portray a more positive image of this technology and provide an impetus for future exploration of this particular field.