Audi x Afrofuturismus

A Golden Era for Africa

Janis Riehl

Audi AG

Mai / May - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


“Audi x Afrofuturism” dives into the world of Afrofuturism and tells a story within it. The aim was to draw attention to and counteract the problems from which Afrofuturism arose, while also creating a novel aesthetic and new conceptual approaches for vehicles of tomorrow. In the thought experiment presented, the export of electricity generated in the Sahara leads to a significant economic boom in Africa. As a result, parts of Africa develop into first world areas within a very short time due to the leapfrogging phenomenon. In terms of the vehicle designed, the focus was not only on the sustainability of the product, but also on the extraction of water from nature. The area of application is a large area of Central Africa, in which the protection and consideration of nature, connected with the condition of the forests as well as the national parks, is essential. The vehicle serves as a means of transportation through nature to connect people and cities.