Ash und Ädda / Ash and Ädda

Catharina Drees

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

What is it?

Ash and Ädda are two ashtrays to prevent threwing cigarette butts on the streets. To get rid of cigarettes it is faster with this ashtrays. Ash is for using on the way use and Ädda can be fixed flexible on multiple locations.

What is the Topic?

On our daily routine we often use the shortest way, it´s easier. We will forget every uncomfortable topic so fast as we can. What get to the Waste is what we delete out of our heads. In case of the Smoker it is the cigarette who gets forgotten at the moment when it hits the ground. It is easier to throw the cigarette into the nature then to find a an Ashtray or a bin. After smoking the cigarette butt contains arsen, lead, chrome, copper, cadmium, formaldehyde, benzene, polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates and nictotine. After 30 minutes in water the nicotin dissolves and reaches our groundwater. The aftermath can be genetic modification, behavior modification or the death of organisms.

Why does it look like this?

The Shape of Ash is inspired by pants pocket as it should spend the most of the time there. The folding helps to get a bit more volume for the cigarettes it should carry. Also you can find a triangle bail for everyone without pants pockets, it can be used to get connect with bags or trousers. The add-on ashtray Ädda is yellow-orange for the reason it should be seen and used. The cigarette can easily extinguished by the grooved surface. The cylindric shape is inspired by the city -funiture, -tubes and -stakes.

What is special?

Both Ashtrays are designed for the Daily life, you can use them flexible and almost everywhere. It stops the overload of cigarette wastes in towns.

What is new?

Conventional pocket ashtrays are out of Metal or plastic they are basically for a relaxing and sitting smoker. Ash is useable for smoking on the way, the material silicon ist soft and heatproof. Therefore it is not uncomfortable in your trouser pocket. For everyone who has not an Ash, here comes Ädda, it helps everywhere were you can´t find ashtrays.