Amt für Ausgleichsflächen

Friederike Brings

Dezember / December - 2020

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Plants are considered the resource of the future: But what effects does the transition from fossil to renewable raw materials have? And above all: where should all these plants grow? Since the available space is already limited, and more and more renewable resources will be needed in the future for the production of food, feed, energy and industrial products. The Amt für Ausgleichsflächen (AfA) is a fictitious, newly established office on municipal level. The task of the AfA is to convert unused areas in the city into agricultural land in order to compensate for the increasing demand for renewable raw materials. Areas which are currently little-used are identified and transformed into agricultural territories – established wherever there is space. Because rethinking is required now and economically necessary. Therefore, the AfA is commissioned to make these unusual cultivation areas usable.