The Reactivation of the Sense of Smell Through Product Applications

Jolanda Charlotte Schultrich

April / April - 2023

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


Olfactory disorders are a fairly common condition. Every fourth person suffers from an olfactory disorder and every twentieth person suffers from a complete loss of smell. If that sense is lost, it can have an impact on the overall quality of life. In the context of my bachelor project "AbScent", I dealt with loss of smell, its impact on affected persons, and product-based solutions for the reanimation of the sense. As a result of an intense research-based, user-oriented design process, I developed the draft LOT. LOT is an olfactory training program designed to help affected individuals to reactivate their lost sense of smell. The design includes five jars made of porcelain that can be filled with fragrances, such as essential oils. Also included is a training plan to guide the user. The aim of the design is to provide users with comfortable, long-term training.