A Thousand Seeds or the Right to becoming

Welche Zusammenhänge ergeben sich aus der Verbindung natürlicher, kultureller und technologischer Vielfältigkeit? / What assemblages emerge from the connectedness of natural, cultural, and technological multiplicities?

Julius Führer

September / September - 2021

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


A thousand Seeds or the Right to Becoming explores the intersection of natural and technological networks through theoretical and artistic-experimental research. This manifests itself in a multimedia installation as a narrative, of a seed becoming other in alliance with human technology. In the face of the Anthropocene, climate change, damage to the biosphere, acidification of the oceans, deforestation, waste pollution, destruction of biodiversity, the seed develops for survival. In contact with human culture and technology, it expands its perception and begins to use the internet parasitically. In the loss of apparent passivity, he shows agency. Observing the weather and communicating with each other, trees and seeds now enable optimal dispersal, finding the most favourable locations and intervening in selected landscapes to safeguard their own and other species.