Elena Blazquez

Juni / June - 2020

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Master of Arts


2064 is a unisex bra collection. The collection consists of four different bra models that are wearable for all genders.

What is the Topic?

The project is about clothing in a patriarchal society and the associated unequal treatment and gender discrimination. Nowadays, unisex clothing is based on a masculine clothing style that is socially recognized for female read persons. There is also a physical imbalance between the sexes: male read persons are free to openly present their bare breasts to the public, while female breasts are charged with a sexualized stigma. A bra becomes a prerequisite for being able to appear in public as a well-groomed and civilized person. In this context, the bra marks the imbalance between female and male topless freedom.

Why does it look like this?

The unisex bra is intended to break with existing clothing practice. The bra is one of the most feminine items of clothing. Male read persons can wear feminine-looking clothing with the unisex bra at will, without experiencing discrimination. Female read persons have the opportunity to make a free decision about the appearance of their breasts. Everyone can freely decide whether their chest should be covered or shown open.

What is special?

The topic is connected to the visions of the designer Rudi Gernreich, who transformed progressive ideas about gender equality into fashion around the 1970s. The shape of the individual bras is also inspired by small details from Gernreich's designs. In 1971 Gernreich set up the utopia that in the future women will wear pants and men skirts. With my collection, I join this utopian vision, which has so far only been fulfilled to a limited extent and say: In 2064, all genders can move topless without being discriminated and harassed. 2064 is 100 years after the development of the Monokini, Gernreich's much-discussed topless swimsuit.

What is new?

The collection lives from showing a lot of skin, but it is not supposed to evoke sexual associations. The color scheme creates a smooth, clear, sporty and playful style. Gender-neutral clothing is often kept simple and in the colors white, black, gray or dark blue in order to introduce as little femininity as possible into a masculine clothing practice. The unisex bra collection 2064 wants to break this state.