Zurück zur Zukunft / back to nature

Laura Lindner

April / April - 2021

Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


Nowadays, it is part of everyday life in the Western world to carry your smartphone with you at all times and to be reachable at all times. But what happens to us and, especially to children, when an excess of this digital consumption is reached? And how can this be counteracted? The focus of this work is on offering children from primary school age an alternative to digital consumption. The final concept of the bachelor thesis can be used in a variety of ways and promotes the skills of the children in a playful way. This should compensate for and prevent deficits in media consumption. The movement game represents a course and is intended to motivate children to move in nature and to deal with real things. It can be played with several children of the same age and parents are involved in setting up, dismantling and the activity.