Marjolein Mulder

Januar / January - 2021

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Master of Arts


The home is usually regarded as a highly personal area. In reality, the way we employ, shape and experience the time spent at home is defined by both personal and societal factors. The home can therefore not be viewed separate from collective trends, modes and developments. This thesis project aims to discover scenarios in which the time spent at home can help us cope with the challenges imposed by highly complex, multi-layered modern societies. As a creative response to findings in the theoretical part, I designed five living situations. Each of them is represented by a theoretical, fictive persona and accompanied by a model room. The five personas are called: The Nomad, The Functional, The Independent, The Community and The Dreamer. Each one of them shows a particular response to living in an increasingly complex world. Together, they define the home as a reflective space, both hide-away and testimony of our complex society.