Wertvolles erhalten / Sustaining Preciousness

Wie trägt die Arbeit von Gestalter*innen zur Erhaltung von Werten bei? / How can designers contribute to sustaining values?

Sophie Krautmacher

Februar / February - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


While exploring the topic sustainability in the context of design, I went one step further to find out how we - as designers - can approach the topic in a meaningful way. How can designers contribute to sustaining values? Each designer has their own unique design language, which is given shape by a variety of ingredients. This is a recipe for creating carriers of values. In my design language, sustainability transcends the material aspect and becomes the concept itself. With self-imposed parameters I remain consistent in my creative work. Recycled silver sheet is processed with no additional materials. The planned division of the metal lays the starting point for the forms, eliminating offcuts. The meaningful and evolving sustainability of traditional values is reflected in new interpretations of classic techniques such as guilloché. This attitude is the foundation for creating a collection of bracelets, rings, multi-finger rings and ear cuffs.