Sustainable Furniture From Senegal

Johannes Kastner

Selly Wane, Mamou Diack

Juli / July - 2023

Kunsthochschule Kassel



The “WAAW” project ([ˈwaʊ] means yes in Wolof, the local language in Senegal) offers a scalable approach to solving two major problems in Senegal: environmental pollution from plastic waste, and the extinction of local crafts. Both are due to a global imbalance that Germany is partially responsible for.The basic idea for WAAW is based on a continuous cooperation with Senegalese craftsmen, who produce different furniture pieces from plastic waste and other materials. WAAW is small-scale furniture that combines high-quality Senegalese craftsmanship with local recycling of plastic waste, and can be customised to meet customer needs through its modular design. In the future, the innovative design approach will provide the basis for WAAW's furniture to compete in the local and international design market.