In his name, not in his spirit

karl-konstantin arnold

Januar / January - 2023

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


52º 31’ 06”N 13º 24’ 16” E location: marx-engels-forum, berlin-mitte: the place in the historic center of berlin is something special – it looks like a heterotopia in the urban space: a forest, detached from the surrounding urban development. in the middle a monument like a preserve from another time. created in the late phase of the GDR, various phases of east german culture of remembrance can be seen in this monumental ensemble of monuments and its prehistory. by means of narrative digital augmentation as a design strategy, this place is to be reinterpreted prototypically through experimental appropriation and thus constructed memory and interpretive sovereignty are to be dissolved. at its core, it is a subversive creative-artistic practice that formulates questions that are open to interpretation and creates a contribution to the discussion that is intended to prompt reflection on the previously adopted perspectives and conditioning of one's own (political) perception.