Sebastian Timo Tuchnitz

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Bachelor of Arts


Multi.Luce is a modular luminaire system that combines multiple fields of application into a single object. The lighting situation can be changed by simple hand movements, which is how a floor lamp can be transformed into a pendant or wall lamp. The light source is a commercially available, 120 cm long LED tube, which is enclosed by an anodised aluminium sheet and a plexiglass tube. A new aesthetic is attributed to the LED tube in Multi.Luce: From functional basement and garage lighting to cosy living area lighting. The luminaire is appealing with its user-friendly application mechanism, which enables a quick transformation with simple connections through magnets and plug-in connections. With its multifunctionality, Multi.Luce counteracts increased consumerism. Instead of buying three different luminaires, you only need one.