The Development of New Vehicle Categories Between Micro-Mobility and Automotive Mobility

Melina Mühl

Volkswagen Design

März / March - 2023

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


Urban mobility is changing. Keywords such as “air pollution”, “traffic jams”, “wasted space”, and “accident fatalities” describe frequent points of criticism. Currently, the first successful concepts are being developed to make city centres free of cars with combustion engines or even completely car-free. However, the need for individual mobility still remains, which is why new concepts for car-free areas need to be developed and created. This generates market gaps that the automotive industry is currently unable to fill. At the same time, the changing inner cities lead to new requirements for vehicles, so alternative and sustainable materials from other fields of application can be used. The main aspect of this project is to develop an alternative vehicle concept for individual transport in urban areas that fits into the aforementioned market gap and sustainably addresses the challenges of future mobility.