Kimia Amir-Moazami

Dezember / December - 2020

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


How can we prevent food waste? EU legislation states that most packaged food must be labelled with "use-by" or "best-before" dates. This information is helpful and important, but the best-before date in particular is often misinterpreted and can lead to unnecessary food waste. The "Vorkoster" is a lid that makes the expiry of food visible. In its centre is a Ph-sensitive foil that reacts to the spoilage of protein-containing foods by changing colour. This creates an object that reminds us in an unobtrusive and analogue way to consume food before it is too late. The "Vorkoster" is intended to offer an alternative to the standardised expiry date and to provide assistance for an unpackaged future. The project was developed with the scientific support of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research.