Vom Rücksitz zum Fahrersitz: Die Revolution der Mobilität für Kinder durch autonome Fahrzeuge

Opportunities and Challenges of Self-Driving Cars for Children

Lumin Badziong

Juni / June - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Master of Arts


This thesis focuses on the creation of an autonomous ridesharing car specifically designed for children. One specific challenge of the project was to develop a product that appeals to both parents and children. By summarising and discussing various articles, commentaries, and opinions, the relatively unexplored topic was established and further developed.. The design process involved the development of a step-by-step design brief that considered the diverse requirements, features, and limitations. Bridging the gap between parental expectations and children's desires proved to be a significant and inspiring challenge. The culmination of the research is presented in a comprehensive design brief, accompanied by a detailed explanation of the design process. Through t different design proposals, all the desired features were integrated into a final design. To demonstrate the concept, a short animation showcases the final product in motion.