Unload I&II

Concept to Alleviate the Negative Influences of Information Overload

Kuai Liang

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Master of Arts


“Unload I & II” is a product series for employees who primarily work in the office to reduce the negative influences of information overload. It would be unreasonable to reject all information. However, it is possible to reduce the problem of information overload by taking regular breaks during work. People can then free themselves from the flood of information for a short time and relieve their stressed brains. “Unload I” is a timer that offers users three reasonable work rhythms, helping them to find a balance between work and rest. There is a porcelain fragrance stone in the middle that users can drip concentration-enhancing oils on in order to be more productive at work. “Unload II” is a modular acupressure mat for the office which provides employees with a relaxing activity during their break.