Konzeptentwicklung eines Schirms mit Verbesserungsansätzen in Bezug auf Verstaubarkeit, Stabilität und Sicherheit / Concept development of an umbrella with improvement approaches in terms of stowability, stability and safety

Sophia Wenger

März / March - 2022

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


Due to globalization and high demand, more and more umbrellas are sold at extremely low prices. Consequently, the craft of umbrella-makers suffer, so that there are less than ten of them left in Germany. The concept of the umbrella „Umbra“ is based on using this almost extinct professional field and encourage a more innovative way of thinking, working, as well as the use of new production methods. Based on this user-centered Design, Umbra also offers functionally improvements and additional elements in terms of stowability, stability and safety. Its design seeks to create an emotional value that encourages the owner to appreciate the Umbrella, making the efforts to take care and repair it. Hence, avoiding a “one-time use” concept, and promote reusability.