Jaqueline Lobodda

Juni / June - 2021

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


The aim of the work is to use bulky waste as a resource and transform it into a recyclable material. UDO is an object made of 100% bulky waste, which does not have a specific use, but combines both sculptural and functional aspects through its shape and colour. For example, UDO is suitable as a seat, a table or - when stacked - as a shelf. The flexible use contributes to an engagement with the object, which, in a world of increasingly specific products, is intended to encourage a playful approach and a more flexible view of the use of objects. Since bulky waste is an extremely heterogeneous source of material, a wide variety of decors and colours - from formerly monotonous cupboards and shelves - are brought together to create an always unique bricolage of past colour trends. High-quality craftsmanship is juxtaposed with the inferiority of the source material and changes its appreciation.