Trestle Chair

Maximilian Ewert

September / September - 2019

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Trestle Chair is a flexible piece of seating furniture that offers different seating positions, ergonomically supporting the user in his or her sitting position and thus stimulating a new and healthy human-sitting interaction.

What is the Topic?

The "homosapiens" is the consciously thinking human being and thus differs from the animal. Before that anthropologists named the "Homo Erectus", i.e. the upright walking human being. Looking at it today, we would have to speak of the "Homo Sedens", i.e. the seated human being. "Sitting" is the position in which we humans find ourselves most of the time nowadays. However, we often forget to move and change our sitting position. From a medical point of view it has a negative effect on our body if we remain in a fixed position for a long time. For physiological reasons, the human body is forced to change the sitting position constantly and at short intervals.

Why does it look like this?

The design of the seating furniture is based on a trestle and is complemented by a multifunctional backrest. The long & narrow seat with its unconventional form invites to think about the possibilities of use and to discover sitting positions. The angled chair legs make it easy to put the legs down in any position and also allow for effortless stacking. In the astride position, the legs can be moved comfortably past the narrow backrest. Only at the upper end does the backrest become wider to provide more comfort when leaning against it. However, the striking feature of the backrest is the console-like surface that extends beyond the backrest and serves as a standing seat in the standing position. In addition, there are two further variants of the backrest, which make the seating furniture flexible for different contexts. In addition to the standing/sitting backrest, there is a second variant in which the desk is inclined upwards and extended to create a writing desk for the person sitting. The third variant has a downward sloping and extended desk, which serves as a writing desk for the person sitting behind it.

What is special?

Everyone knows the situation: You sit a little longer without moving. At some point your cheek hurts and you switch from the left to the right. If this is no longer enough, you look for a completely different sitting position. Unfortunately, our body does not receive any ergonomic support and relies on our own body weight. The Trestle Chair, on the other hand, encourages us to break with familiar sitting conventions and promotes a new interaction between man and seat. It encourages us to change our sitting position at regular intervals and gives the body the opportunity to support itself and relieve the body in any position. In this way, the Trestle Chair enables a lasting healthy sitting experience.

What is new?

Conventional seating furniture, which supports the body ergonomically, works with complex and expensive mechanisms. This seating furniture usually consists of a number of individual parts, whereas the Trestle Chair consists of a trestle and a backrest. These are connected with only 4 screws. The Trestle Chair is able to offer a healthy and varied added value without moving parts or mechanisms, which takes place in playful interaction through its unconventional appearance.