Nicholas Plunkett

Oktober / October - 2020

Kunsthochschule Weissensee

Master of Arts


The TP COLLECTION 2020 is an arrangement of paper porcelain objects, which portray a critique towards our vast consumption of toilet paper. By using recovered cellulose from used toilet paper in combination with porcelain, a new material was created to reveal the issues behind this hidden waste flow. Within the exhibtion, the viewer can be educated about the wastefullness of our bodily waste, our perceiption of hygiene today and the production and consumption of toilet paper. Inside the porcelain the recycled fibres have been integrated and fired. The cellulose has vanished, but its former presence can still be seen. The dark spots inside these objects are encapsulated minerals from bodily waste and other substances to be found in the sewage system. Inside the kiln these minerals sinter at 1250ºC and reveal their properties and are purified. Any hazardous residues are sterilized during the firing.