Refrigeration with Evaporative Cooling

Lea Lorenz

März / March - 2023

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


“Tony” is a reinterpretation of the clay jug cooler method. The function of a clay jug cooler is based on the principle of evaporative cooling. The porous raku-clay absorbs water from the tank; as soon as it evaporates onto the walls of the food container, the interior is cooled to 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. This creates optimal storage conditions for select fruits, vegetables, and baked goods that do not benefit from refrigerator storage. It is these foods in particular that make up the majority of avoidable food waste. Since proximity plays a crucial role in food storage due to ethylene emission, Tony is available in three different stackable sizes that each cool independently. The simple and straightforward use is intended to encourage users to engage with food storage and be more informed sustainable consumption.