The Quiet Solution

Konzept für das Zero-Waste-Badezimmer / concept for a zero waste bathroom

Yitong Yue

Juli / July - 2021

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar



"The Quiet Solution" is a range of products for the bathroom that is both user-friendly in its handling and explicitly developed for unpackaged or at least plastic-free personal care products. By converting liquid personal care products back into a solid form, transport costs and the use of single-use plastic can be drastically reduced via the product itself as well as via the product packaging. Among other things, the product range offers the right containers for converting solid body care products into a liquid state in the user's own bathroom. Those who prefer liquid shampoos and cream showers can thus have the same shower experience while avoiding the need to buy costly plastic packaging. "The Quiet Solution" thus brings a modern and sustainable lifestyle into the bathroom and promotes long-term awareness for a more environmentally friendly and ecological life.