(in us)

Isabel Meier-Koll

März / March - 2022

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


The MISFIT (in us) is a story about first impressions. It is dedicated to the entrance area of our home. The organisation of this usually rather cramped zone is a challenge. On the basis of receptive-projective dialogues with various category-deluding objects that seem to populate the hallway at home all the more stubbornly for it, 3 sculptural objects were created with offers of use that can be understood as idiosyncratic dwellings of these everyday objects. The name MISFIT stands both for the unadaptability of the object and for the unadaptable, chaotic, imperfect in us, which we usually try to hide from others. This work can be understood as an invitation to lovingly devote oneself to this phenomenon with a twinkle in one's eye and to ask oneself what a very individual MISFIT in one's own home could look like...