Mit Essen spielt man doch! / Play with food!

Inwiefern kann Design eine Rolle spielen in der zukünftigen Ernährung in der Stadt? / To what extent can design play a role in the future nutrition in the city?

Donata Koschel

März / March - 2022

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar



With regard to climate change, our food system must be reoriented toward a circular economy. This will eliminate waste and waste products and keep resources in circulation. The project "Playing with food!" is about a playful experimental mediation of the potentials of a circular economy for the future nutrition in the city. Through an open do-it-yourself approach as well as hacking of everyday objects, school children are explained via photographic and written instructions as well as video tutorials how they themselves can produce and use biocomposites from biological waste generated in the household, in the school canteen or in neighboring businesses. Through six recipes with different applications and product ideas, they are guided through this creative process that strengthens their self-efficacy and makes them resilient to climate change and its impact on the future of food.