the irresistible illusion of finding a solution

Bianca Streich

März / March - 2021

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


The majority of materials used for infrastructure development are non-regenerative aggregates whose extraction methods, trade and processing raise political, ecological and social tensions to varying degrees in relation to their local availability. Involving living organisms in the design process is a chance to shape mutually valuable innovative methods. In this material research, experiments were conducted with the aid of microorganisms. In the process abundant local waste streams are returned to a circular economy by the method of biomineralization in order to constitute an alternative source of concrete, to avoid excavation and to minimise irreversible human impact. Designing with Living matter equals designing with uncertainties. It is forever an ongoing research for future scenarios. It is a constant learning curve. All obstacles belong in the process as they are the starting point from which to work towards solutions of complex problems in interrelated systems.