The fight of Marshall Island against time

Eine Geschichte von Müllbergen und Hochwasser / A story about mountains of rubbish and floods

Luisa Stibbe

KameradistInnen (Viviana Uriona und Mark Uriona), Meitaka Kendall-Lekka/ Kameradists (Viviana Uriona and Mark Uriona), Meitaka Kendall-Lekka

August / August - 2021

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim

Bachelor of Arts


What would you do if your home was taken away? Due to the climate crisis and the resulting sea level rise, the Marshall Islands are in danger of sinking. To preserve their traditions, a chair based on an outrigger canoe was created. For canoe building and seafaring are not only an integral part of their culture, they have also been known for thousands of years for being the fastest sailors. The bobbing ship on the back legs is supposed to represent the outrigger of the canoe and, by swaying while sitting, convey the feeling of insecurity that the inhabitants also have with regard to the preservation of their homeland. In order to strengthen the connection to the island state, the colours chosen are those of the Marshallese flag. The aim of this work is to advocate for the local people, to stimulate a discourse and to create a greater awareness of the serious situation.