Open Object [Steal this Design]

Merlin C. Everding [studio.mce]

Oktober / October - 2021

Universität der Künste Berlin

Master of Arts


The [TL.21] pocket light is a minimalist floor lamp. The TL.21 is a collapsible floor lamp, the answer to the problem of shipping heavy bases. Looking for solutions in the outdoor industry, focusing on lightweight and collapsible materials that Im able to produce at best with local manufacturers, So TL.21 can be shipped in a package that is only a fraction of the size and weight of the lamp. The base of the light is made of a welded TPU coated nylon fabric used in the construction of inflatable kayaks, and is filled with water or sand for use. An LED light, which sits in a flashlight-like housing hidden under a recycled PET light shade, is supported by a tent pole.