Ein neues Paradigma für die Ausbildung in der Kinderherzchirurgie / A New Paradigm for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Training

Bashar Zapen

April / April - 2022

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Master of Arts


ImPulse aims to establish a new paradigm for pediatric cardiac surgery training. Currently, the only way for trainee surgeons to practice pediatric surgery is to operate on actual patients. Unfortunately, this exposes patients to unnecessary risk; thus, senior surgeons hesitate to let trainees participate. Hence the need for simulation training modules that pose no threat to patients. ImPulse offers trainees a high-fidelity simulation training module called Janān, simulating the various steps of pediatric cardiac surgery from start to finish in a safe environment that is consistent, repeatable, and uses the same tools and equipment as actual surgery. Janān and its internal modules are 3D printable, with heart modules representing common congenital heart deformities that all pediatric cardiac surgeons should be able to treat. This is especially beneficial for economically and politically constrained areas where it is otherwise difficult to access medical training devices.