Sóma & Plevrá

Marleen Clara Bauer

Konzeption des Kommunikationsformats in Zusammenarbeit mit Henrieke Neumeyer / Conception of the communication format in collaboration with Henrieke Neumeyer

April / April - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


The ancient origin of today's symposium could hardly be more paradoxical. The symposion, originally a convivial gathering for philosophical conversation, has given way to subject-specific lectures, organized rows of chairs, or anonymized meetings in digital space. »Symposion« combines the classic science event with elements of the experimental happening. Adaptive textiles as wearables challenge a fluid change of body positions between lying and sitting. The dialogue – similar to the classical symposion of antiquity – is supported by drinks and small dishes. Without rigid rows of seats, the separation of lecturer and audience is dissolved and a new intimacy to be invented together is created. Textile-initiated exploration of body positions within the group creates an anti-hierarchical sphere. Through the unfamiliar (uni-)form questions and possibly first conversations arise – The »Symposion« begins...