Arthritisgerechte Geschirrserie / Tableware for Arthritis Patients

Niklas Schmidt

Juli / July - 2021

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


‚Snug‘ is a tableware concept that uses findings from both ergonomics and occupational therapy to merge the needs of arthritis patients with a minimalistic form. Resulting, the indicated grip allows the hand and fingers to stay in their neutral position while only the „key-grab“ is necessary to securely hold the pieces one-handed. These aspects ensure joints are extended rather than to be compressed to prevent inflamed sections within a joint from touching each other. Therefore, patients can interact with the tableware much longer without pain. The slip-casted stoneware is partly left unglazed to indicate which areas are to be grabbed. Its roughness also supports all other interactions with the tableware that are optimized for arthritis patients. ‚Snug‘ is proof of why it can be so valuable to keep the needs of handicapped people in mind. As it does in this case, this can lead to a more universal design that is also even more suitable for people without a handicap.