Charlotte Marabito

April / April - 2019

Universität der Künste Berlin


Sitcom is circular and yet a stackable and mobile outdoor bench made out of recyclable and new materials. In places and occasions that want a targeted exchange it should function as contact point. Through its form and flexible use it can encourage communication.

What is the Topic?

Wether it’s study groups, workshops or citizens’ meetings – rigid chair/table constellations dissolve and in good weather people flock to the outside where place for free work and internal exchange can happen undisturbed. But there is a lack of outdoor furniture that supports or even fosters communication. Sitcom stands for „Sit & Communicate“ because this is what it’s all about. On the subject of getting together and communicating there is also always the question of seating. According to its design, the culture of discussion can be affected. Here lays a big potential according to atmosphere and appeal of a place.

Why does it look like this?

The round form of the benches facilitate a circular arrangement which enables discussion. This solves the problem that on straight benches it is difficult to communicate with any other than the person sitting right next to you. 8 benches can be set up to a closed circle. Various and bigger formations can be built upon need. The design of the benches provides flexibility for use in many occasions, for example within workshops. Certain formations of the benches require use of the connectors to stabilize the desired seating structure.

What is special?

The frame’s curvy form is a playful interpretation of waiting seat as we know them from airports. The seat of these rigid and straight benches are often separated by armrests. This construction excludes communication instead of stimulating it. Sitcom breaks this concept by having no backrest so that you can sit on it from either side. This way it stays flexible in its use. Due to its form you can also set up closed formations to face each other. Through the choice of using sustainable and innovative materials it is extremely weather-resistant and fully recyclable.

What is new?

New about Sitcom is that this bench is round and yet mobile and stackable. Conventional round benches for the outdoors are either fixed to the ground which makes a flexible use impossible. Or they have too many legs underneath the seat that stacking is not an option – which also affects the possibilities of storage facilities. With Sitcom the relation between the circular seat and the position of the legs has been developed in a way that provides a save and stable seating that still includes the concept of stacking.