Signalgeber im Straßenverkehr / Signal generator in road traffic

Warndreieck / Hazard warning triangle

Jasper Levin Mahlau

Juli / July - 2021

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


Due to the specially designed shape, the warning triangle can be intuitively inserted and removed from the housing. The triangular elements including the stand areas fold up/down automatically. In addition, complex connection mechanisms have been dispensed with, so that incorrect operation, which can lead to the product being unsuitable, is ruled out. Due to the simple operation of the warning triangle, people of advanced age can also use it. People with neurological diseases who have deficits in fine motor skills also benefit from this product. To increase visibility, the warning triangle has also been equipped with its own light source. Since this product is used in a dangerous/stressful situation, no additional switches were used. The distance regulations described in the StVO are clearly printed on the back. The draft was designed with the guidelines in mind.