RG 82

Product Design for a Service-Oriented Circular Economy Using the Example of a Household Mixer

Felix Henßler

Oktober / October - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


The RG 82 is a combination kitchen appliance designed as a rentable service product. The name was adapted from that of an East German mixer with a cult following, the RG 28, which is known to last a lifetime. The RG 82 takes this principle and translates it into an optimized, contemporary form. The product responds to increasing electronic waste, planned obsolescence in household electronics, and shrinking households in Europe. Rapid repair and recycling of the raw materials is made possible through the use of as many standard parts as possible, enabling the structure to consist of four pure main materials and to be constructed in layers. The design is based on the principles of “cradle to cradle”, “material matters”, and the open principle. These cornerstones create an industrial, reduced aesthetic that gives the RG 82 a character all its own. The open source design is an invitation to individualization and repurposing with your own extensions.