Essen sollte gegessen werden / Food should be eaten

Diana Gus

März / March - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


With the amount of food that is thrown away worldwide, especially the starving world population could be helped. Of all the food lost, the loss in German supermarkets is about 2.6 million tons per year. The concept, should lead a contribution to saving food and reduce food waste in supermarkets. ResQBowl is a stand in supermarkets where leftover food is collected and prepared into yogurt and salad bowls. Thus, the food gets another chance to be eaten instead of being thrown away. ResQBowl consists of two components. The first is the bowl preparation. The second component focuses on selling the leftover food to customers at a lower price. Since different amounts of food are left over every day, a solution had to be found in which empty shelves are avoided.