Karlotta Klußmann

Oktober / October - 2018

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach


re:pure is a modular-system for the treatment of tap-water. Individually selected modules can be combined and thus the purification and replenishment can be ideally adapted to the different local quality and the requirements of the users. Not the "Drinking-Water-Ordinance" decide how healthy our most important food is, but we ourselves.

What is the Topic?

The design takes up a topic that is currently in the public focus, the existential need of every human: Healthy drinking water. The public water management commissioned with the basic supply can only react with protracted political,planning and technical adaptation processes to further increasing and differentiated contamination (medication-residues/nitrates/microplastics/etc.), which are already in our drinking-water. Bottled water also offers no sensible alternative. It is also partly polluted and has a poor ecological balance due to long transport routes, unnecessary CO2-emissions and the consumption of drinking water for the production/cleaning of bottles. Added to this is the ecologically questionable use of plastic.

Why does it look like this?

The wave-shaped design recognisably picks up on the theme of water, with its clear form and colour, allowing the aim of purity and health to be associated with it, but maintaining the focus on functionality and handling during maintenance. The wave of the basic grid takes up the cylindrical shape of the functional modules so that they fit into the form. The free spaces between the elements encourage easy gripping. The radii on the upper edges allow the total flow of water to be traced. Despite possible extensions, the result is always an integrated line and a form-fit product.

What is special?

For the water purification of tap water, only isolated solutions exist that take up partial aspects of water purification and water refinement. The product system re:pure represents an optimal immediate solution due to its modular structure, with a high degree of adaptability: 1. regional and local initial quality of the water 2. individual consumer demands for water quality 3. spatial conditions for installation These adaptation possibilities make re:pure future-proof, as subsequent changes are no problem and do not mean a complete new purchase. The functional and assembly logic of all individual components simplifies the replacement of spare parts. The product system enables comprehensible, sustainable behaviour for the customer in the sense of ecodesign (deposit system/reconditioning/reuse).

What is new?

In addition to the modular structure and its advantageous aspect of adaptability, the networking of the customer via an app is also new. It is used in a customer-device-manufacturer relationship for the initial configuration and expansion of the system and for optimizing the exchange of consumption components. In addition, the app's personal customer feedback for resource-saving, sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviour contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty to the product/manufacturer, as the user always informed about the ecologically and financially positive effects. re:pure has the potential to reach a broad circle of consumers and generate sustainable added value for customers.