Design-, Konzept- und Ernährungsentwicklung für Gastronomie und Küche in und nach Pandemiezeiten / Design-, concept-, and and nutritional development for gastronomy and kitchen in and after pandemic times

Vicky Pyper

März / March - 2022

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar



Agriculturally, there is more or less a monoculture worldwide. There is a large number of useful plants we do not even know and therefore do not use. Old crops have become rare on our local fields. During the pandemic, however, our eating habits changed rapidly and the interest in biodiversity and a varied diet grew. The seven-piece crockery set “Puffer” draws attention to this development. It was made of porcelain and is intended to be used in restaurants. Special tools, consisting of the crockery set, are used to prepare the same food in different ways and with various consistencies. At the same time, they are used for serving a dish. This way, our senses are being addressed in a special way and an interactive pleasure experience, that both presents the foods and raises awareness to them, is being created.