Das Potenzial von Naturfaserverbundwerkstoffen / The potential of natural fiber composites

Andreas Weidauer

Tecnaro GmbH / Bcomp Ltd.

März / March - 2022

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


LignoFlax is a material and shape study investigating the potential of lignin and flax fibers as a composite material. Lignin is a natural biopolymer found in plants and trees. It acts as a glue to hold the individual cell walls together. A proportion of 30% lignin is found in every wood or lignifying plant. Is lignin mixed with natural resins, natural fatty acids, cellulose, biological additives, and natural reinforcing fibers, the result is a biological plastic that can be processed under increased temperature and pressure. The flax or also called linseed is a historical culture plant. Woven as a non-crimp flax fiber scrim, the flax fibers provide maximum stability and represent high-performance natural fiber composites. By combining these two natural materials, you get a 100% biodegradable natural fiber composite.