Solène Jansem

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Bachelor of Arts


Wassilo is a water collector for the interior. As small helper in a larger water safeguarding operation, "he" is placed in the kitchen and enables to collect water used for cooking and fruit and vegetable ricing, that doesn’t contain starch or salt. When the water is cold, you can re-use it to water your plants with Wassilo and thus save water. This water is even better than clear drinking water for plant watering thanks to the minerals that enter the water during cooking which are considered a natural fertilizer.

What is the Topic?

In the theoretical part of my bachelor’s thesis I dealt with the topic of Water. It obviously showed how important water is for human life and society. Our water is endangered by our methods of production, use and waste disposal, but there are many little things that could be done differently to have a positive impact on our water ressources. The most important thing is that people are made aware of the situation of their drinking water and ressources and get enough information to make their decisions accordingly. This is exactly the task of Wassilo. In addition to its functional aspect to recycle water, he is an ambassador whose shape is intended to draw attention to the overconsumption of water

Why does it look like this?

The shape is an important part of the project in terms of function as well as product language. The unusual shape highlights the water harvest by drawing attention to itself. The funnel invites you to collect your water. Together with the sieve, they allow bowls and pots to be emptied directly into the container. The narrower neck is for gripping, and the carafe-shaped part can hold up to 2.7 liters of water. Wassilo also serves for watering plants, the funnel is then considered as a spout. The lid retains any odors and is designed to fit together with the strainer. While the shape picks up on the typology of the kitchen objects, its colors, dark green with a pink silicone ring, are intended to recall nature and the flora.

What is special?

The special thing about this project is the message the product carries. The theoretical research on water showed how much water is wasted due to overconsumption of goods. So the question was, why should you offer another product that uses energy and water in its manufacture? Wassilo therefore exists primarily to draw attention to the topic of water, specifically to communicate the information that the cooking and washing water can be reused. Of course, this can be done with different vessels that you already have. But Wassilo is there for those who need material support in this water safeguarding operation.

What is new?

It is a product to collect and use water more responsibly, which does not require a complex system or conversion system and can be used very easily even in the smallest living spaces. Wassilo proves that not only rainwater can be collected, but the very water we use every day.