Stehzeug Modu

Hansol Kim

Juli / July - 2019

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Bachelor of Arts


'Stehzeug modu' is a mobile space in the city, that you can perfectly use for short distances, but also beneficial as a capsule hotel or co-working space. The car parks in the city will be changed because the premises (cars) are moving. The parking garage will be a temporary building of the future.

What is the Topic?

A korean mobility scientist Duwon Cha claimed in his book "Mobility Big Bang Riding the Future", that the driving time of the trucks at the moment is e.g. only 29% of the time per day. Commercial vehicles drive significantly longer distances than cars every day and though this time the journey is quite short. That means the core of the car, transportation is only 29% of the time per day. Why do we actually only develop the car for transport purposes, even though it is only used for a short time? Wouldn't it be more interesting to think further for the remaining part of 71% and try to use it while standing? This is the question my bachelor thesis is about. The car is to be developed as a "standing tool" instead of a vehicle. 'Stehzeug modu' as a reversal of the auto principle

Why does it look like this?

The form finding of Modu is based on the observation, that a car is a mobile 'architecture' in the city.The main entrance is on the side so that passengers have easy access on the roads. Another entrance at the front allows the 'Stehzeug' in the parking garage to stand side by side, without any side clearance so that the space can be used efficiently. It is a self-driving car, so the interior can be designed generously and so it offers enough space for one person, max. two people. In addition, it is designed as a room, where it is possible to easily convert the room into a bedroom or an office.

What is special?

The 'Stehzeug' is a self-driving, sharing car for the city center, that uses the parking garages as a base. In this way, the cities can replace the 'Stehzeug' as required or are compatible with one another. If, for example, a large conference spontaneously takes place in a small town but there are not enough hotels available, another city can borrow a 'Stehzeug' equipment so that a hotel doesn't have to be built for this one-time conference.

What is new?

The car design industry is searching for a way to make the "vehicles" nice, comfortable and fast. But this usage takes place less than 30% a day. The Modu offers a new platform for car development by considering the car as a mobile architecture.