Georgia von le Fort

Juni / June - 2020

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


Relics are containers made from recycled porcelain that help fruit and vegetables to last longer. A tray inside the container can decrease the temperature through a natural cooling effect called evaporative cooling. This creates optimal conditions for storing almost all types of fruit and vegetables. The container consists of 100% porcelain waste that was first ground and then sintered together. Waste is reduced and a resource-saving lifestyle is supported.

What is the Topic?

The aim of this project was to recycle porcelain waste and to find a sustainable product solution. A method was developed to create a solid material that is made from 100% recycled porcelain by grinding and sintering old porcelain shards. The result was a new material that offers a natural cooling effect through it´s porous structure making it suitable for storaging food.

Why does it look like this?

The material of the containers was created by sintering ground porcelain shards. The manufacturing process is visible in the aesthetics of the material and tells the story of porcelain recycling through fine cracks and the structure. The shapes and sizes of the containers were chosen based on the fruits and vegetables that belong inside of them. In addition, the containers should be able to be placed side by side and one above the other and are therefore not round but angular. At the same time, this shape offers more storage space. The wave structure in the tray supports the evaporation and the air can circulate. It also helps that the fruit does not get any pressure points. At the same time, excess moisture can drip off. The lid adapts to the shape of the waves in the tray.

What is special?

The project is sustainable from the material to the manufacturing and disposal process to the product. It consists of 100% porcelain waste and offers an environmentally friendly cooling effect for fruits and vegetables.

What is new?

The material from which the containers are made was newly developed for this project. The function of the object was determined from the properties offered by this material. The object and the material are new on the market and they are unique in this form.