liú: remain

Ran Mo

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Master of Arts


Liú is a memento that offers a new way of remembering a deceased person.

What is the Topic?

No matter how high civilization is or how advanced science and technology get, death is an issue that has been inevitable and worth exploring. By naming as Liú which means stay or keep or remain in Chinese, this work is designed for people who have lost the loved one but want to keep precious memories for commemoration. At the same time, Liú is also designed for people who willing to plan and prefer to leave something to be remembered differently.

Why does it look like this?

liú looks like an ordinary candleholder, but when the candle is ignited, the photo of the deceased person gradually appears behind the fire on the glass, and behind the glass is more memories of the people in the photo. Turning the candleholder gently around, the moment of remembrance begins. You can hear the song she or he once liked to sing, or the sound message left. You can also smell the perfume that the loved one used to use, or the tobacco smell that the person in the photo smoked. Liú hopes to preserve and awaken precious memories in a better way for you. After the commemoration, you turn back the candlestick, blow out the candle, and liú will turn to an ordinary candleholder again, and you can return to your present life.

What is special?

Liú offers a new and poetic way to deal with grief. It helps people to begin the very moment of remembrance privately and unobtrusively. By using and combining several important memory media, such as images, smells, and sounds, Liú provides users with more possibilities for retaining and recalling their precious memories.

What is new?

The techniques, materials and methods used to create the memory media for Liú are based on recognized research results, aspects of culture and psychology were fully considered in the usage scenarios to create a new kind of remembrance ceremony.