Tobias Trautmann

Mai / May - 2020

Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Master of Arts


The Quiet Zone is a designated area in a regional train car, which helps the commuters to use their commute times effectively for power napping.

What is the Topic?

If you commute on the regional railway, you spend a lot of time in the train. The commuters can hardly use this time for power napping: It is not comfortable and there is no privacy. The lights in the train are often too bright and the noise level is too high.

Why does it look like this?

The usual seating constellation of two and four seats has been dissolved. For more legroom and privacy, there are only single seats with a view out of the window. The seats have a low seat height. Sitting low should help you switch off faster. In addition, sitting low can offer a change, especially for people who sit a lot in an office chair at work. An elastic textil hangs from the train ceiling and connects to the seat. When sitting, the commuters are surrounded like in a cocoon. The textile offers extensive privacy protection and serves as a flexible backrest. The textile can be taut and in an adjusted condition. The textile should stretch and straighten up in the seating area when nobody is sitting. This makes a cocoon appear tidy and making it easier to identify a free or occupied cocoon. In addition, the dirt is carried out of the seat area of ​​the cocoon by the stretched textile. The textile is put over the seat cushion like an sock and than anchored. This should make it easy and quick to change the textile for regular cleaning. To make cleaning the floor easier, the handrails do not reach the floor. The handrails protect against touchings from other commuters and offer hold when getting up and walking through. The handrails were designed like hooks. The passage thus appears wider and a connection option for the textile is guaranteed. The Quiet Zone can be entered silently by an open partition. The noise is reduced by an anti-noise system. Please be considerate and keep quiet in the Quiet Zone. The recommended practice is not doing. The large windows are designed to naturally illuminate the interior of sunlight. In addition, they should offer commuters a large field of view. Looking outside can help you switch off. The windows were tinted to reduce the sunlight in the area of the Quiet Zone. The Quiet Zone is only gently lit so that the commuters can switch off faster and regenerate more effectively. The Bag Saver is taking away fear of losing items by offering ways to attach bags. A cocoon can be reserved by using an app. Ticket checks can be avoided with the reservation numbers. The app should enable users to switch an alarm clock on and off. The mobil phone should then vibrate immediately before arriving the exit station. The individual cocoons in the Quiet Zone are modular and can also be implemented in other types of trains by individual ceiling connections.

What is special?

The textile offers extensive privacy protection and adapts to different body sizes and postures. The opportunity to sit in different postures should help to find individual postures in which it is best to relax and switch off. The design of a separate zone supports the code of conduct, in which you should behave considerately and quietly.

What is new?

In comparison to the Powernapping Area in the DB Regio-Ideas train, this concept was designed as a whole area. The Quiet Zone has higher capacity, more privacy and allows you to take a seat more quickly.